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Space-Time Life Cycle Assessment Tool

For globally distributed manufacturing network, a novel way of representing both space and time in the graphical space is required. This standalone application developed using Java as the front end development language and using SqLite, embedded database to save the large amount of data for associated to a product. The visualization on the environmental impact of the various process chains in the manufacturing firm is simulated in the form of a space-time graph. The application can be used by decision makers and planners to choose, optimize and compare alternative supply chain networks which would demonstrate sustainable manufacturing by analyzing the total impact of a space location.

DOCAID: Predictive Healthcare Analytics using Naive Bayes Theorem.

System implements Naive Bayes classification, which takes patient’s symptoms and complaints as an input and successfully classifies it into the appropriate disease, the patient might have.In addition to Bayesian Analysis, we have used Visual Analytics through Cytoscape Web to interpret and visualize the final data predicted.

Regression Analysis of Supply and Demand of fresh-cut flowers in India.

The project determines the economic reasoning behind the factors determining the supply and demand of cut-flowers. Based on the contemporary data available from UCI library, regression analysis was performed to infer causal relationship between independent and dependent variables identified to forecast the production area and productivity in 2025.

Software Security for Open Source Software Environment using Multi-agent Techniques.

With the help of agent techniques of artificial intelligence,built an application implementing security mechanisms that guarantee confidentiality in the access and transmission of data in the open source software development sources. The multi-agent based application uses JADE functionalities as key elements for security of restricted manipulation of data.